15 Secretly Funny People Working in santa smilie

15 Secretly Funny People Working in santa smilie

This santa smilie is so perfect. The perfect mix of chocolate and strawberry. The perfect combination of two of my favorite things.

I have a thing for santas. I know that sounds weird and I don’t mean it to, but I do. I like santas in candy form. But you can’t put that same love and affection into chocolate. You don’t have chocolate santas. You have chocolate santas, and they taste like chocolate.

I’ve known for years that santas are the most delicious thing in the world, and I have no idea why. They’re like the ultimate holiday treat. They are so rich and decadent. They are the ultimate candy. I love them. I buy a lot of santa smilie. I’m a santa smilie addict. And I’m glad that I am.

Santa smilie is a candy made with sugar and milk. It is usually made by the elves. (Or the Easter Bunny) That means that it is made for the holidays. A lot of that is a misconception. I have never been a santa smilie connoisseur.

In the movie, Santa smilie is made of sugar, milk, and candy. All the elves just drop in the sugar and milk and throw in the sprinkles. Theyve not even gotten to the candy yet. The rest of the video shows it being made by the elves, who drop in the sugar and milk and throw in the sprinkles.

The fact is, when we’re watching the movie Santa smilie is actually a nice little creature who has been smilie for many years now. Even though he’s no longer smilie for the entire movie, he’s still a human. He has a pretty good sense of humor.

The problem is, Santa Smilie is not a real elf. He is the fictional character that the elves made up. In the movie they actually used real elves for the role. They only had to change his name in one thing. The real elves were named after the main character of the movie. He is also one of the three main characters in the game. The other two are Santa and Mary.

A real elf is not a real elf. Its the opposite of a real elf. So if you were to give him your name, you are giving Santa Smilie a false information. Its like giving a cat a name. Its not a real cat. Its not even a real cat. Its a fake cat.

santa smilie is a fictional elf who, along with his brother, lives in an imaginary town called Smilieville. He was a part of a group of elves in his town who were sent by Santa Claus to find the boy who disappeared. When the boy was found, santa smilie was also sent to the town as a sacrifice to Santa. The only way to get him back was by sending him to his own parallel universe.

The story of santa smilie is one that is fun to re-watch on repeat, especially for those who have a particularly fondness for the classic fairy tale. But it’s not a story that can really be replicated because it’s not a real elf. This is because there are no elves. This is why santa smilie is so important. Because it tells us that santa smilie is real.

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